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Gold Coast punk rockers Charlie Rebel had a huge 2019 with a brand-new album ‘The People’s Republic of Earth’. The new album was supported by a 16 show Japan and Australian tour and just hit 200,000 plays on Spotify. 2020 was a live music disaster, trapped in our bedrooms jamming and writing, a new album is on the way, but in the meantime the boys have dropped a new Christmas single 'We Didn't Order Bat Soup'.


Every year the band writes and releases a new Christmas single and donates the proceeds to a charity of their choice, with this year being Gold Coast Homeless Connect, who do a greta job of helping support those in need locally.


Fronted by the two Torr brothers, Nick on guitar and Chris on drums, the boys have been playing and writing together for their whole lives and that connection is clear on stage. Visceral lyrics, accompanied by gritty sweet sibling harmonies are just the beginning of the bands solid raw punk sound.


With the Gold Coast as their home town, the band has developed a hardcore following in Japan with their in your face punk attitude and outrageously high energy shows and are returned with their new album to Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Kobe with Human Records to see their Japanese friends and fans. 


The new album is all about breaking free from oppression and taking control of life, getting back up and screaming out for what you want and creating your own future. You’d have to be living under a rock or in the back pocket of the LNP to not feel upset about what’s going on with politics in this country. Between the complete lack of climate policy, the governments love of coal and fossil fuels, the children still on Nauru, domestic violence towards women and the violence in general from a rising white supremacist cohort in Australia, the only answer seems to be for us to all stand up and scream like a goanna on the Nullarbor for what is right!


With punk rock at heart, Charlie Rebel feel it is their mission as a punk band to stand up and challenge these complete asshats. The new album embraces the bands punk attitude of calling out corruption, abuse of power, government absurdity and tackling life head on.


The album was produced on the Gold Coast by multi-award winning producer, label owner and the band’s bass player, Guy Cooper from Serotonin Productions/Human Records.


The band always steps forward with a message, stands up and speaks out for what they believe in, Charlie Rebel is a punk rock musical freight train on stage having supported the likes of Spiderbait, Wolfmother, The Radiators and British India and they bring that live Aussie punk attitude with a smile to Japan every year.


Check out for more info about the new single and to hear their music.

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